3 Jun #1

Gateway raw out of margin

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In ACP, Gatewat raws are out of margin.
How to make it proper?
Thank you.
Dr.Jeet 3 Jun
And also please tell me.
Which boxes to be ticked to get payment in below image on gateway setting of bankpipe?

1. I go to https://developer.paypal.com/developer/applications/
2. There is My Apps & Credentials showing Sandbox and Live.
3. I created an app in Live.
4. So credential in that created Live will be used to get payments from website?

On ACP ----> Configuration-----> Bankpipe -----> Gateways... So I gateways there is one box at start name 'Paypal' and second at end "Sandbox".
So to get payment both boxes should be ticked or only Paypal box.
Hope you understand.
Thank you.
Dr.Jeet 4 Jun
Please shade give solution for this. Thank you.
Shade 4 Jun
Have you installed a different theme for your ACP? I can't reproduce the theming issue with the stock ACP theme.

Sandbox should be ticked if you are using sandbox. If you want to go live, it has to be off. The "enabled" checkbox should also be ticked, of course. You can leave the Coinbase row empty if you are not using it.

You will need to copy live credentials onto the PayPal's row to receive real payments. It's pretty straightforward.
Dr.Jeet 4 Jun
I did not install any theme on ACP.
I install Mybb1806 on PHP 7.1, Mybb1822 on PHP 7.1, 7.3....On all it show misalignment of raw.
Shade 5 Jun
I will need credentials to see what's wrong. I definitely cannot reproduce this.