Forum Editor Plugin

15 May 2019
Hi Shade :) I need a plugin which allows forum specific moderators to edit and modify their forum's details. What previously had to be done by administrators will now be at the moderators descression.

I believe the best way to accomplish this is by hooking into the modcp and extending the functionality from there.

This allows things such as:

- Edit forum name
- Edit forum description
- Add/remove password
- Edit forum rules
- Edit forum prefixes
- Add/remove moderators and edit their permissions

to be controlled by the forum mods. Which makes for much more vibrant forums.

Also, on my forum users can create their own forums without admin intervention, so this plugin will tie in nicely with that and let users basically run the forum.
Shade 15 May 2019 Edited
Looks easy, and I have already got a base for this. My goal was to let developers create their own forums here and promote their own plugins/themes, so I had plenty of more options in mind (such as BankPipe integration, custom pages, download manager, ...). Never got the time to work properly on it, maybe this might pump up my motivation.

Accepted. Anyway, I have a busy schedule for 2 months and a couple of other requests ahead of yours. Can't give an exact ETA, but not before September I'm afraid.
Tac 15 May 2019
Alright, fair enough. Yeah my description was really just the beginning on what could be done. Interested to see what you can come up with.