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Forcing registration through social network - discord

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I am wondering how I can force people registering through discord. Right now, there is no option to register through discord. Also, if I enable force login/registration, there is an option to login but it doesn't work.

It gives the error, hat registration can only be done through social network but there is no option for it, is there something I have to add manually to my templates?
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Shade 12 May
Yes, as per the docs, you need to add <flyover_login_box> to your templates, where you want the login links to appear.

More info can be found here: Flyover documentation.
KingAlmond 12 May
Right, and for forced registration it is the same thing?
Shade 12 May
KingAlmond 12 May Edited
I got the login working but was wondering if there is a way to force registration solely through a social network.

<flyover_login_box> would it be something like <flyover_register_box> ?
Shade 12 May
There is just one link, it works both for logging in and registrations. You can rephrase it by editing the language files (inc/languages/english/flyover.lang.php) to, for example, “Login/register with {1}”.

To force registrations, logins or both through a social network, set the Operational status setting accordingly.
KingAlmond 12 May
so for the settings for discord social network I have:

one-click registration set to no and operational status set to force registration and login.

I went to that file you referenced above and all the register fields have {1} like so: $l['flyover_register_title'] = "Register with {1}";

but still on the registration page there is no prompt to register through discord.
Shade 12 May
You will need to add <flyover_login_box> to member_register if you want to let the links show up there. If you disable registrations though you will not be able to access the normal registration page.
KingAlmond 12 May
Okay. I have done that and I still allow registrations; however, when I try to click "login with discord" while registering:

Syntax Roleplay
You are either not logged in or do not have permission to view this page. This could be because one of the following reasons:
You are not logged in or registered. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to login.
You do not have permission to access this page. Are you trying to access administrative pages or a resource that you shouldn't be? Check in the forum rules that you are allowed to perform this action.
Your account may have been disabled by an administrator, or it may be awaiting account activation.
You have accessed this page directly rather than using appropriate forms or links.

it just displays that. How would I force the user to register through discord?
Shade 12 May
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