Fields not working

6 Apr 2018
This issue is marked as solved
I enabled 3 fields to add to the hovercards and put the variables in the templates but it seems to not be working. I'm not sure if this is a known bug or not.
Usertitle: {usertitle}
Returns nothing, just blank..: Usertitle:
Posts: {postnum}
Threads: {threadnum}
Return exactly like above

Not sure whats gone on as I'm sure I saw in another thread someone had it working. All helps appreciated! :)
Shade 6 Apr 2018 Edited
Hovercards doesn't get an update since quite a long time (honestly, did not receive hard complaints during the last year); I have revisited it in the last couple of minutes and implemented the fixes for bugs other users reported. Given its fairly good stability over this long beta period, I might release 1.0 soon. Yours might be similar to Hovercards settings clearing problem, but with a temp admin account I can look into it specifically.
Harry K. 6 Apr 2018
Ok that's fine. I'm happy to wait for initial release, however if you want to have a look I'm happy to PM you a test admin account to try fix the problem if your unable to re-create it.