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29 Dec 2019 Edited
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I did the following to test and wrote what was expected and what really happened:
1) Click on login with Facebook. This creates a new account with sets username and email address to Facebook account details according.
2) Go to user CP and disconnected my Facebook account.
3) Log out
4) Click login with Facebook

Expected: fetches the email address from the api call, do a simple_select on the users table to see if there's a db email address entry that matches with the one fetched from the api call, it logs in the user and automatically links their account with their Facebook account like it does upon first registration.

What is happening now: I'm getting an error
Please correct the following
errors before continuing:

The username you entered already exists.
Please enter a different username.
You have entered an email address that
is already in use by another member.
Please enter a different email address.

Your Facebook email matches the
following registered account(s): USERNAME_HERE.
It is advised to log in and link
your existing account(s) instead of
creating a new one.
Shade 29 Dec 2019
This is the expected behavior. Flyover used to match emails and automatically link accounts but it has been discontinued in a recent update due to security reasons. I can disclose the security issue in private if you want to know more.
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Enes Palit 30 Dec 2019
Yes can you PM please