Emails always go to junk mail

30 Jul 2019
Hey Shade,

I've only ever gotten emails (like alerts or your announcements) in my junk folder using Outlook. Since they don't let me see if mail is signed or not, like Gmail does, I'm not entirely sure what the issue is. Maybe DKIM signing or no TXT record?

I do mark them as not spam every time I see them, though.

Just giving you a heads up, maybe something to look into!
Shade 30 Jul 2019
Thanks for the report, I also receive them in my junk but never had the chance to look what’s wrong. This seems the perfect occasion to dig deep into the issue.
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Shade 30 Jul 2019
I've fixed both DKIM and SFP records so now it should work as expected. I just ran a quick test and it worked out of the box. You can now receive mails as usual PARTY POPPER
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