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Dropzone allows movies with Imgur

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Not live with Dropzone 1.2 yet, still testing. With Imgur upload enabled, I'm able to upload movies (*.mp4). Which we definitely don't want, nor are there any Imgur share links produced. I note file types unsupported by Imgur default to the classic attach system. Any way to restrict file types even if Imgur accepts them?

PS: Thanks for your efforts with both these products and your other work. Well done sir.

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Shade 8 Apr
Quite odd, as MyDropzone should send to Imgur only the following mimetypes: image/png, image/jpg, image/jpeg and image/gif.

I will test and get back at you ASAP.
Shade 8 Apr
I cannot reproduce the issue. Can you please send me your attachment types configuration, and your board URL with a testing account?
nixer55 8 Apr
Can't provide a URL - this is a test system on a private network, with data restored from a recent backup. MyBB version is 1822. But did manage some screenshots:

Attachment types:

Attaching an mp4:

Attaching an ods (rejected as expected):

If you can't reproduce, will probably still go live on a trial basis. If the issue persists, will revisit this thread. No problem supplying test credentials to the live board at that time.

Shade 8 Apr
Quite odd. If I try to upload a mp4 file, it is rejected because it's not allowed. Are you sure the mimetype is video/mp4?
nixer55 8 Apr
Just following up on this issue. Tried a much larger mp4, and Imgur rejected it. Think I read their service limits video to 60 odd seconds, and see 256 MB as the limit on the error. The earlier mp4 I tried was small - 8.5 MB. The large over 400 MB. But seems the rejection was Imgur, not Dropzone.


Not a show stopper, but doesn't sound like expected behaviour? Particularly in light of the upload succeeding for smaller videos but nothing usable on the MyBB end? Bound to cause some confusion, not to mention needless consumption of Imgur storage - lol.

Pic of mp4 I dropped showing mime type:


Shade 8 Apr
The rejection is actually by your server. I believe you are not getting the actual error, but the 8.5MB one is being rejected as well. Can you open up your browser console, upload the 8.5MB video, and look for JS issues?
nixer55 8 Apr
I'm no developer Shade, so not sure what I'm looking for. Here's what the console looks like:


And I can delete the attachment (small mp4) from the attachment box.

Shade 8 Apr
Open up the network tab, upload the video and take a screenshot. It shouldn't call for Imgur.
nixer55 8 Apr
Don't see any call to Imgur. Expanded newreply.php where it references dropzone:


If the mp4 is not going to Imgur, suspect we can work around it. But where are the file size errors on the large mp4's coming from? Why not the smaller mp4's? The attachment appears to succeed for the smaller file, but doesn't? These are questions I'll have to answer - lol.