9 Sep 2016 Edited #1

Current issues

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Languages files are missing in alert settings!? Thats just after the installation.
[Image: zHb00X2.png]
I tested every alert to make sure they work. See results below.

When someone edits your posts [Works]
When someone opens your threads [Works]
When someone closes your threads [Works]
When someone moves your threads in another Forum [Works]
When someone warns you [Works]
When someone revokes you an active warning [Works]
When someone suspends/unsuspends you from posting [Works]
When someone sets/unsets your posts to be moderated [Works]
When someone suspends/unsuspends your signature [Works]
When someone edits your username [Works]
When someone edits your signature [Works]

! When someone deletes your threads [ Doesn't work ]
! When someone deletes your posts [ Doesn't work with both soft and permanent delete ]
! When someone approves/unapproves your threads [When unapproving a normal thread by thread moderation options (normal= no approving was needed] it gives you two alerts, one unapproved and one approved, although it should just give for unapproving. However if you are approving an unapproved thread, its fine]

Further alert type suggestions:
When someone accepts your buddy request.
When someone removes your from buddy list.
When someone merges your post/thread.
When someone splits your post/thread.
Shade 9 Sep 2016
Thank you for your contribution @Brenda. I will check them out and eventually fix them for sure.
Brenda 9 Sep 2016
P.s. another thing i would love to see is an alert type when someone changes your groups or add/removes your primary group. (if possible)
Eldenroot 9 Sep 2016
+ my issue reported few day ago - php error on mod action (move post I think)
Brenda 10 Sep 2016
I have found another issue, maybe thats the one you mean @Eldenroot.

If you stick/unstick a thread by thread moderations options, you get an error from the browser and the thread isnt sticked/unsticked.

"The uniting-people.com page isnБ─≥t working

uniting-people.com is currently unable to handle this request."

Thats what i get.
I confirmed it by uninstalling moderation alerts pack, then i could stick/unstick threads.
Brenda 5 Oct 2016
Is there any progress with this? The stick/unstick issue is really a pain.
Shade 5 Oct 2016
Working on it.
Shade 7 Oct 2016 Edited
I've managed to fix the 4 faulty alert types and the language issue, but it's likely I will release Moderation Alerts Pack with the new alert types suggested by @Brenda as a 4.0 version given the 3.x serie has been a mess so far.