Conversation convert problem and message send problem

20 Jul Edited
Hi Shade. I know the plugin still in beta stage and I hope soon there is an update for more stable version.

Anyway lets talk about my issue. Two different member in my forum couldn't send message because they had corrupted conversation.

Please check the screenshot in attachment. I'm clicking "Start conversion" but nothing happens.
Shade 21 Jul
Hi, which version of MyBB are you using? Did you upgrade your forum recently?
Mybb version is 1.8.21. I never updated. Mean, when I first used it, I installed it as 1.8.21.
Shade 21 Jul
Can you please provide a temp ftp account privately? I will look into this.
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@Shade, I'm sorry for the delay. I will send it via private message today.
@Shade. I send u pm.
Dr.Jeet 26 Jul
Same to me...I have 9 conversation which will remain at even after conversation.
Shade 26 Jul Edited
Mind to specify the uids of the users who are having troubles messaging?

These "suspended" messages are just dust which is not either in the Sent or Inbox folders. I will fix this in the next beta so you will not see the count, you can ignore it for now. It is not related to corrupted conversations, which I have not found btw.