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ThunderBoard beta 5

Shade Administrator 19 Feb 2018
Actually I am back but I am busy on other projects at the moment. On my to-do list though :)
WallBB Advanced 1 Mar 2018
Actually I am back but I am busy on other projects at the moment. On my to-do list though :)
Shade (19 Feb 2018)
Thank you :)
I browse this page daily, check my mail also daily to see if there is update :)
krvam Regular user 26 Sep 2018
ThunderBoard is a theme?
Shade Administrator 26 Sep 2018
No, ThunderBoard is a plugin which aims to speed up MyBB boards by turning each page load into AJAX calls and other enhancements.
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ethan Regular user 30 Oct 2018
Sorry, I'm having some trouble installing this. All my resources return error 500 on installation.
Shade Administrator 30 Oct 2018
Hello, could you please look into your server's error.log file? That's where errors are stored when pages return 500. I will be glad to assist you into installing ThunderBoard, although I may warn you that it's still a buggy plugin and it works good only on themes with little modifications.
ethan Regular user 30 Oct 2018
Do you have a discord or something? I would be more than willing to pay you for your service. ethan#9000 or i can message my skype id
Shade Administrator 5 Nov 2018
Good news: I succeeded into stabilizing TurboLinks, so it’s likely that today I will start a small testing phase for ThunderBoard beta 6 here on MyBBoost before releasing it. Minifying resources was troublesome, so it has been dropped; same for images lazy loading. I hope that by simplifying the plugin it will be tested by more people, given feedbacks are always crucial in a plugin’s success.
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Eldenroot Regular user 9 Nov 2018
Again #pidXXX is not working, you are not redirected to the specified post, but just to the thread... I had reported this in beta 3 IIRC? However everything else seems ot be fine on my local test board.
Shade Administrator 10 Nov 2018
Beta 6 is not out, so you have tested an outdated version. I think however that post redirection is not working here either. Beta 6 is only available on MyBBoost’s site for now.
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