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'Add to cart' error for attachment

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Few issue is seen:

1. I enable third party monetization.
Add cost for attachment 5
But as an another user , I get below error while click on 'Add to cart".

2. There is no space between cost and currency. Here 5USD.... It should be 5 USD.

3. When I disable third party monetization, other members still show cost for attachment but as an admin, i not able to see that cost attachment box on full editor of post. I don't know what should be happen there.
Shade 31 May
You can add the space yourself. It's the following bit in bankpipe_postbit_attachments_attachment_cart:

As for the first issue, I will need your forum url to test, or a screenshot of the console error which is generated in your browser console, as stated in the error. Please read them and try to interpret them before asking for support, they generally include all information already.
Shade 31 May
Open bankpipe_postbit_attachments_attachment_cart, find:

<a href="usercp.php?action=cart&amp;add=1&amp;bid={$paidAttachment['bid']}class="bankpipe-item button" data-action="add" data-bid="{$paidAttachment['bid']}"
Replace with:

<a href="usercp.php?action=cart&amp;env=bankpipe&amp;add=1&amp;bid={$paidAttachment['bid']}class="bankpipe-item button" data-action="add" data-bid="{$paidAttachment['bid']}"
Also open bankpipe_postbit_attachments_attachment_added, find:

<a href="usercp.php?action=cart&amp;remove=1&amp;bid={$paidAttachment['bid']}class="bankpipe-item button" data-action="remove" data-bid="{$paidAttachment['bid']}"
Replace with:

<a href="usercp.php?action=cart&amp;env=bankpipe&amp;remove=1&amp;bid={$paidAttachment['bid']}class="bankpipe-item button" data-action="remove" data-bid="{$paidAttachment['bid']}"
For some reason, these templates have not been updated during one of the last versions where the env=bankpipe piece of string was introduced. This will be fixed in beta 11. Thank you!
Dr.Jeet 31 May
Ok... bro.Thanks.