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Add status GaduGadu

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Hello. I would like to add Gadu Gadu status to hovercards.
I use this code:
<img src = "https://status.gadu-gadu.pl/users/status.asp?id={$userfields['fid12 ']}" style = "margin-top: 2px; width: 14px; margin- bottom: -2px; " border = "0"> {$ userfields ['fid12']}
But the Gadu Gadu number is not charged.
What variable could I get the Gadu Gadu number from the additional field?
Shade 30 Nov 2019
Please read the instructions in the release thread carefully. You will need to:
KEYCAP 1 add fid12 to Hovercards' data points
KEYCAP 2 use {fid12} in Hovercards' template.
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Roughster 30 Nov 2019 Edited
Thanks <3