Accept multiple currencies

7 Apr
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With the old MySubscriptions plugin I was able to make subscriptions that accepted EUR and USD, so there would be no conversion for EU and USA customers.
Shade 7 Apr
Can you elaborate more? You will need some sort of conversion at some point, which is automatic in BankPipe on each gateway's side.
Kalju 7 Apr
Separate currencies on PayPal, whenever a USA customer purchases, they pay in USD, goes to the USD balance.
Whenever a EU customer purchases, they pay in EUR, goes to the EUR balance.

Basically currency option per subscription.
Shade 7 Apr
That should be already handled by PayPal itself AFAIK. There's no option mentioned in their API. Do you have any example I can look at?
Kalju 8 Apr Edited
Log into the account:
Username: Testing
Password: lol123
Shade 8 Apr
Yup, that's what I was talking about: that is handled by the board itself before redirecting to the gateway (PayPal in this case). BankPipe by design does not calculate the final price per each currency and lets each gateway handle it on the spot which I find more reliable.
Kalju 8 Apr Edited
To clarify, currency should be customer selectable with limits on which are allowed to be picked.
This way I have a product with a base price in a selected currency and the amount gets converted to the customers selected currency.
Shade 8 Apr
This already happens on PayPal's behalf: your customers will pay in their currencies with the base amount already converted to your preferred currency. BankPipe is designed to accept multiple gateways which makes it impossible to set different currencies before redirecting off-site: there would be too many combinations to take care of. That's why it's smarter to let each gateway handle currency conversions.

Also, you lose money by converting before redirecting: your current configuration assumes 20 USD is 19 EUR when the official rates are 20 USD = 18.36 EUR. I know it may not sound much, but smart customers will just pay 20 USD and give you less the amount you require.
Kalju 8 Apr Edited
The currency should be set per cart or a setting per account.

I need USD and EUR, if I only get EUR and suddenly need to buy something in USD I will lose a lot of money when converting it.
Shade 8 Apr
Unfortunately, BankPipe's cart cannot handle multiple currencies at the same time for the aforementioned reasons. I could add it in a future release but it would be not top priority I am afraid.

You are already losing money anyway. Before or after, you're always gonna lose some when working with conversion rates.