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Flyover 1.3
Flyover is a plugin which lets your users register and login with over 20 different social networks and providers. It authenticates users loading just the necessary files, avoiding unuseful stuff and being as much neat as possible: it acts as a mediator between your board and external sites offering login capabilities.
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Flyover 1.3 is out

This is a bugfix and feature release. It adds 3 new templates and alters all the existing ones.

Changed API endpoint

I have managed to introduce a new API endpoint for Flyover to simplify it and avoid exposure to the inc/plugins folder. The new API endpoint is managed through /flyover.php file. You MUST change all of your provider applications with the new API endpoint URI to ensure your users can continue to log in with them. Otherwise, they will be presented an error page most of the time with a "redirect URI must match the one registered into the application"-like error.

You can find the new endpoint URI in every provider's settings page.

Custom and required profile fields

Although they were sneakily introduced in 1.2, now custom profile fields and required ones at registration are supported officially; your users can now register through a social network while still being required to fill some fields before doing so.

Migrator from other plugins

You can now migrate from other well-known plugins offering login with social network capabilities within Flyover's module. A migration section is added for your convenience; the currently supported plugins are:

Multiple accounts

Ever wondered to log into multiple accounts with one social network? Flyover now lets you link your social network account with multiple MyBB accounts and lets you choose one upon logging in with ease.

[Image: aZV3xBP.png]

Discord integration

Discord has joined the big family of supported providers. It has been tested successfully and it's ready to be deployed to your website.

New data points

2 new data points are available: website and identifier. You can now set up custom profile fields to accomodate the user's identifier, while the website is synced with MyBB's user website field. The whole engine behind custom profile fields and data points has been revamped and it will be far more easy to create new ones in the future.

Minor bugfixes

Thanks to your usage and reports, I have fixed all minor bugs you've been spotting through these awesome 2 years. The complete list of fixed issues will be updated in the next couple of days.

To update your running Flyover copy:
  • perform a complete backup of both your files and your database;
  • download a new copy of Flyover from the first post. You can download the core package without downloading providers, but it's recommended to select your currently installed providers to perform a clean update, especially if you come from versions prior to 1.2 of 4 August 2017 in which I released an update to HybridAuth;
  • upload the new files. When you are done uploading, load a page in your admin control panel. You will be asked to run an upgrade script;
  • enjoy!

Please report any errors you may find when using the new version and I will be glad to assist you into fixing them as soon as possibile.
MyBBoost upgraded to Flyover 1.3
I have upgraded the site to the latest version of Flyover which is going to be released soon. Since it features a breaking change to the redirect endpoint, I will have to update every provider's keys in the upcoming days and therefore I will enable social login and registrations as soon as I will update a provider. You can already log in with Google, Steam, BitBucket, Dribbble, AOL and the new provider Discord which will be deployed with the new version as soon as it will see the light.
FASTyle 1.7
FASTyle is an all-in-one suite which improves and speeds up settings, stylesheets and templates management. FASTyle:
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FASTyle 1.7 is out

To see the changelog, see FASTyle development.

This release fixes bugs in the new quick templates manager and introduces Sublime Text keymap to CodeMirror. Here you can find the complete list of keyboard shortcuts you can use to improve your template and stylesheet management.

[Image: pqS34X6.gif]
Thank you!
Today, after 2 years in the making, we've reached 50 subscribers! I would like to personally thank all of you for the economic support I could invest into buying some books and paying taxes. It's far from being a complete coverage of my expenses but it has been incredibly helpful.
ThunderBoard beta 5
ThunderBoard is a plugin currently in development stages which aims to dramatically speed up page loads on MyBB forums. If you are familiar with CloudFlare's optimizations, think ThunderBoard as Rocket Loader on steroids (and with much less bugs since ThunderBoard is made specifically for MyBB!). ThunderBoard can also help getting better SEO ranking by search engines since the site speed is accounted into Google & co. algorithms.
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MyBBoost upgraded to MyBB 1.8.12
As the first good news, I am back... kind of. As a second one, MyBBoost has been upgraded to the latest MyBB version available with a small, big leap from 1.8.7. Security is top priority to me but there's really nothing very valuable here, hence why I have waited so long before upgrading to the new version, which is finally available.
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MyFacebook Connect 3.2
Do you feel Facebook login is not enough for your board? I've got good news for you: Flyover lets you login and register with over 20 social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, Steam, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress and many more! For more informations, read Flyover 1.3.
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MyFacebook Connect 3.2 is out

This is a bugfix and feature release.


Facebook's SDK has been updated to the newest available (released: 23/7/2017), which is faster and more stable than the previous one used by MyFacebook Connect.

Minor bugfixes

Minor issues have been addressed, including:
  • avatars are now served as secure content (with https);
  • all templates are now cached before requesting them;
  • settings are updated correctly when updating from 1.x-2.x.

How to update

Unzip the package and replace the old files with the new ones. Running the upgrade script is not required if you are on 3.0 or 3.1, otherwise you'll be asked to execute it.
Away until end of July
Unfortunately I have to announce that I will officially pause development of new and old plugins for at least 3 months due to incoming exams. The upcoming exams session is crucial for my studies (as if I fail I won't be able to move on with them), and it will probably be crucial for my MyBB involvement too.
MyBBoost now running on HTTPS protocol
I have managed to spend some time adding TLS certificates to MyBBoost, which you can now access using the HTTPS protocol.
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Infinite scrolling
Before "hibernating" myself into a full month of studying I have managed to finish the early development of Endless, a new plugin requested by Tac (Infinite Scrolling) which brings infinite scrolling to MyBB's forums and threads. For more informations, read Endless preview.
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The scrubber: a Flarum piece of art

After some troubleshooting and reverse engineering, I could write down the early version of the scrubber by adapting Flarum's implementation to a MyBB friendly one. The result is an exact copy of Flarum's infinite scrolling concept; it will be changed in the future, but it brilliantly serves as a proof-of-concept for the moment.

A "scrubber" is a draggable item which lets you jump between posts easily while providing an infinite scrolling experience. Test it by browsing any thread.

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