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The paid section is well known to be inexpensive. Purchase a product once and never be asked to pay for it ever again, no matter what.

Superior standards

All plugins go through a maniacal, year-round, continuous evaluation before being considered as stable. Quality is guaranteed.

Thorough support

If you have any question, you are guided through a specific support service aimed to resolve all your troubles ASAP. Response times are usually within the day.

Praised by hundreds

Statistics (and hips) don't lie: over 200.000 item downloads, and several hundreds users explicitly happy and satisfied. It's MyBBoost, baby!
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Bring it on! New crafts in the making are added below, offering a sneak peek about the next big score. The order of appearance reflects their position in the queue. Charge depends on the plugin's complexity.
Due to personal commitments, development site-wide is halted. Read more in the announcement.