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Away until end of July
Unfortunately I have to announce that I will officially pause development of new and old plugins for at least 3 months due to incoming exams. The upcoming exams session is crucial for my studies (as if I fail I won't be able to move on with them), and it will probably be crucial for my MyBB involvement too.
MyBBoost now running on HTTPS protocol
I have managed to spend some time adding TLS certificates to MyBBoost, which you can now access using the HTTPS protocol.
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FASTyle 1.5
FASTyle is a dead simple plugin which replaces the old themes/templates/settings saving routine with a faster, more user-friendly solution using AJAX. Instead of saving and reloading the page every time, the plugin handles the saving process using AJAX and displays an inline message once it has completed.
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FASTyle 1.5 is out

To see the changelog, see FASTyle development. Special thanks to Brenda and Eldenroot for spotting bugs and suggesting improvements.
Infinite scrolling
Before "hibernating" myself into a full month of studying I have managed to finish the early development of Endless, a new plugin requested by Tac (Infinite Scrolling) which brings infinite scrolling to MyBB's forums and threads. For more informations, read Endless preview.
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The scrubber: a Flarum piece of art

After some troubleshooting and reverse engineering, I could write down the early version of the scrubber by adapting Flarum's implementation to a MyBB friendly one. The result is an exact copy of Flarum's infinite scrolling concept; it will be changed in the future, but it brilliantly serves as a proof-of-concept for the moment.

A "scrubber" is a draggable item which lets you jump between posts easily while providing an infinite scrolling experience. Test it by browsing any thread.
Social login issues addressed
After ThunderBoard beta 4 update, logging in using social networks was not available because the modal popup was not shown. The issue has been addressed, therefore you can login using social networks again.
ThunderBoard beta 4
ThunderBoard is a plugin currently in development stages which aims to dramatically speed up page loads on MyBB forums. If you are familiar with CloudFlare's optimizations, think ThunderBoard as Rocket Loader on steroids (and with much less bugs since ThunderBoard is made specifically for MyBB!). ThunderBoard can also help getting better SEO ranking by search engines since the site speed is accounted into Google & co. algorithms.
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ThunderBoard beta 4 is out

This is a bugfix and feature release.


  • Rewritten most of the code and separated parsing processes into class functions;
  • Fixed issue which prevented redirections to happen correctly;
  • Edited the loading indicator, dropping Spin.js in favor of app-loading.js;
  • Added template previews;
  • Separated minifying settings into scripts and stylesheets;
  • Moved the variable globalizer algorithm to a low-level hook. This saves memory and enhances page speed;
  • Removed inline scripts minifying as it was slowing page rendering too much;
  • Added a separate JS file to store ThunderBoard's front-end routines. This enhances reliability when browsing the site using PJAX, as functions are fired just once and they do not overlap anymore;
  • Added versioning to automatically update cached resources without waiting for their expiration;
  • Fixed minor issues.

Upgrade from older versions

If you are running older beta versions of ThunderBoard, here's an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to install the latest version:
  • before downloading ThunderBoard, uninstall the older version from your board;
  • download the latest ThunderBoard version, extract the .zip file, upload and overwrite the old files;
  • install and activate ThunderBoard;
  • enjoy!
Hovercards beta 1
Hovercards is a plugin which shows a delightful preview of your users when they hover on usernames around your board. You can customize Hovercards at your wish, fine-tuning what users data to show inside the hovercard and its visual aspect as well.
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Theme revisions and ThunderBoard massive update
The theme has just been updated to its third minor version with noticeable impacts on your browsing experience. Apart from the theming changes, which are to be considered minor, the most important deployment is the preliminary new beta for ThunderBoard beta 4.
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Whisper 1.0.1
Whisper is a neat theme for the Admin Control Panel. The theme includes some extra features other than the design itself, aimed to improve the ACP usability, including a new homepage with stunning analytics and more friendly informations about your server and your MyBB installation, full page template editing, more understandable and centered popups and messages, comprehensive selectors and radio buttons.
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February board update: introducing featured content
After a particularly long period of development pause due to personal commitments and life events, I am finally back on track with a lot of funky updates for MyBBoost and its users. You may have already noticed the most important among all the others, a new homepage with featured content is now available.
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Liking posts

You can now show appreciation to posts using the heart-shaped like button on the bottom left of every others' post. It is a customized version of the awesome SimpleLikes by Euan T. Don't miss it!

[Image: Io5eBLt.gif]

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