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    Nickon 3 Aug 2017 in Flyover 1.5
    But I'm still fighting. Can't log in using any of: Facebook, Google and Twitter...

    Getting this error for Facebook:
    [code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <report name="Flyover" version="1.2">
    Nickon 2 Aug 2017 in Flyover 1.5
    I found out what is going on. I have set ACP > Forum settings > Forcing ppl to login... (name can be kinda different - I removed the English land, becase forum is PolishTongue). That's why it didn't let me use your plugin and I have been redirecting to the login page. Totally forgot about such option.
    Nickon 2 Aug 2017 in Flyover 1.5
    Is it still working on the newest MyBB 1.8.12? I set all the api keys and secrets correctly, added buttons to my registration template and after clicking any of the 3 buttons (Facebook, Google, Twitter) no "popup" opens. I'm just redirected to the page seen on the attachment. What am I doing wrong h...