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9 Apr 2020 Edited
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Hello , i have problem , when i create paypal API and link to my website i get this error : https://imgur.com/a/Un5Z9Sk , and i get the database error : https://imgur.com/a/T86MvkV , i have re installed the plugin 5 time
at the beginning i didn't get mysql error is when i clik to the paypal logo for purchase , logs : https://imgur.com/a/QJKsIdu , can you help me please , thank you , sorry for my bad english

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Shade 9 Apr 2020
After a brief conversation we found out that the identifier and the wallet ID were swapped. Issue solved.

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Shade 9 Apr 2020 Edited
Hello. Not sure what you are trying to do here. The following URL should not be visited directly:

I will fix the error, but I am not sure how did you manage to go to such URL which is reserved for PayPal's webhooks. Note that this isn't affecting BankPipe's functionalities in any way, since the URL is not meant to be visited directly.

You have probably added the wrong API credentials in BankPipe's settings. Double check them and retry.
sonixmodz 9 Apr 2020
thank you for your reply :) , no, the problem is that when i install the plugin at the beginning any function, i have no sql ect error but, when i link put the workbook and that i launch a payment its creates this error in the database and payement not work , but this url is not visited i just put it to show the sql error that its cause . Picture here https://imgur.com/a/MxrwAJK
Shade 9 Apr 2020
You are using sandbox credentials, but the sandbox is not enabled. Tick the checkbox and save.

Note that when you switch to live mode, you will have to change the credentials and turn off sandbox mode.
sonixmodz 9 Apr 2020
i have create live api and change all and i have the same problem https://imgur.com/a/5J9G2vR

and when i go to the api link i don't get blank page i get the sql error its normal ?
Shade 9 Apr 2020
Yes, it's normal. You should NOT visit that page directly. It's only used as an endpoint for automated PayPal notifications.

If you are still getting the "invalid credentials" error, you are using the wrong credentials. As stated in BankPipe documentation, PayPal uses completely different keys for live and sandbox usage, and you should therefore adjust your BankPipe settings accordingly.
sonixmodz 9 Apr 2020
ok so i will reset all and try again
Shade 9 Apr 2020
You just need to grab the live credentials from PayPal and replace the ones in BankPipe (which you entered previously, and are sandbox). No need to reinstall.
sonixmodz 9 Apr 2020
i have already do that and not working
Shade 9 Apr 2020
Can you reach me out on Discord? Shade#7731. I still think you are using the wrong credentials, as the error clearly suggests, but I don’t have any other means other than a more direct form of communication to assist you.