18 Sep 2019 #1

Works only in webkit based browsers

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For firefox and others, there's an error

`TypeError: b is null`

Try opening mybboost.com in firefox for example and hover someone's username.
Shade 18 Sep 2019 Edited
That's weird, I usually test it in the three major browser engines (Webkit, Mozilla, Opera). I'll have a look later.

Tested in latest Firefox, works for me. Which browser are you using exactly?
ProX 18 Sep 2019 Edited
FF Quantum 69.0 (64-bit)

No addons/default browser settings in private window
[Image: image-419.png]
Shade 20 Sep 2019
Odd enough, with the same version on a Mac it works. The faulty code is Color Thief, a library used to calculate the dominant color of the avatar. Can you confirm that disabling the automatic code detection option Hovercards works in FF?
Shade 20 Sep 2019
Btw, Color Thief has received an update, so I might update Hovercards. Can you please reach me out on Discord so we can test on Windows? I just have a Mac. Thanks! [email protected]
Shade 27 Sep 2019
ProX 27 Sep 2019
Yes, it works when adaptive color is disabled. I'm not using discord and not very often around as job has taken my time nowadays. Should be better to try with someone else to test it
Shade 27 Sep 2019
No problem, I understand. Thanks for confirming.