13 Jan
This issue is marked as solved
I have had a few people say that when they try to purchase a subscription, everything works up to clicking PAYPAL in their cart. They will either not get a pop up to log into Paypal or they get a pop up asking to open usercp.json.

Seems random and most purchases seem to be working fine. Any ideas?
Shade 13 Jan
No idea. Usercp.json doesn't click anything on me. The popup might be blocked by certain AdBlockers or browser plugins though.
RocketFoot 13 Jan
Yeah, its weird! I did advise to make sure pop up blockers are off but one member in-particular keeps getting this error...maybe is is something on his PC. I figured I'd ask since actually several other members reported the same thing but theirs went through after several tries.
RocketFoot 13 Jan
I just tested the user's account on my PC and it works on Firefox, Edge and Chrome but as soon as I tried Internet Exlorer, it popped up the notification to open or save usercp.json...see screen grab below.
Shade 13 Jan
Weird, I will look what's wrong in IE then.
RocketFoot 13 Jan Edited
I guess it is fairly minor considering IE is on it's way out but there are still a ton of people using it!

Thanks Shade...appreciate the super support!

PS...I was able to recreate on my account in IE as well.