user don't go to the other group

28 Apr
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Hey , i have one problem , with bankPipe , when a subscription finish , the user don't go to the other group and rest in the same group , can you help me please thx

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Shade 5 Aug
Possible duplicate of Cleanup task giving error. Marking as solved to keep track of a unique issue.

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Shade 28 Apr
User demotion is done through the tasks system and BankPipe's task, by default, is set to run once every 7 days. So I presume the task has not run yet. You can increase the task's frequency in your Admin Control Panel > Maintenance > Tasks > Edit BankPipe task.
sonixmodz 29 Apr
Thank you , what is the best setting please ?

i have this settings :
Shade 29 Apr
Right now it's firing every minute. I'd lower it down to once every day.
sonixmodz 30 Apr
hm ok thx i will try , with the every minute its don't work for me
Shade 30 Apr
The tasks system isn’t designed to be run that frequently, and it’s useless to run BankPipe’s task this much. Once every day is more than enough.
sonixmodz 30 Apr
i have tested its same 1 time per hours , i have tested to run the task manually and its same i need to switch the group manually ,

yellow : free member i have switched this member
pink : paid member
look :
user config :
Shade 30 Apr
Check your task logs and server’s error.log.

Do task logs include a successful BankPipe message?

Does the latter include errors related to BankPipe?

This is the only way to debug. If you don’t know how, you can send me privately a temporary FTP account and I will be glad to check it out.
andrewjs18 30 Apr
I wonder if this is the issue they're seeing:

bankpipe handles this weirdly and it should be improved....
Shade 30 Apr