Welcome to the new MyBBoost experience!

6 May 2018 Edited
I am very excited to release a new exclusive theme for MyBBoost: Ethereal! It's not complete as some things are yet to be finished, but it's stable enough to be seen and enjoyed by everyone.

Ethereal has been built using the outstanding UIkit framework and features a complete responsive experience. Navigating from mobile becomes finally enjoyable on MyBB! Since it's a new theme, some plugins are yet to be adapted to the new styling. Therefore, ThunderBoard beta 6, Endless beta 1 and Hovercards 1.3 have been temporary disabled here until they are ready to be deployed publicly.

The theme will probably be released to Ultimate subscribers when it's ready.

Introducing BankPipe, the ultimate payments management system

Ethereal has been developed alongside BankPipe, a revamped payment system which features a complete PayPal integration with subscriptions and attachments support. This means, you can now purchase plugins separately without subscribing, and purchases are now handled with a professional look and feel.

BankPipe is also able to send notifications when a subscription or item is about to expire or has expired, handles usergroups automatically and also rocks a powerful third party payee functionality which lets your users collect money from their own attachments to their own PayPal accounts!

The plugin will be available soon to Ultimate subscribers.

Subscriptions changes

Contextually, subscriptions have changed as follows:
  • Bronze and silver subscribers have been merged into a new group, Basic subscribers;
  • Gold subscribers have been renamed Advanced subscribers

You retain all the privileges you had before the migration. @rkolbi is the only one benefiting from it as he now has access to Basic plugins.

The premium plugins' user access has also been revisited and prices have changed:
The release process has changed as well and now sports a more defined timeline:
  • first release is always marked as beta and it's available to Ultimate subscribers. It stays in beta testing for at least 1 month up to 6 months. Minor beta releases can follow. The initial price may vary from the plugin complexity and other factors;
  • second release is marked as release candidate (RC) and can be downloaded also by Advanced subscribers. It stays in RC testing for at least 1 month up to 3 months. Minor RC releases can follow as well. The RC price is equal to 110% up to 125% of the beta price;
  • final release is marked as stable and may eventually be downloadable by Basic subscribers. The final price is equal to 150% up to 200% of the beta price.

If you purchase a plugin singularly, you will gain lifetime access to it and future releases, no matter in what state the plugin is marked when you purchase it. For example, if you purchase a beta release, you will be able to download RC and final releases for free. You also get premium support even if you are not subscribed.

Existing plugins have NOT been updated to comply with the new workflow, which will be applied starting from BankPipe's beta release. Therefore, Advanced subscribers have access to Endless beta 1 even if it's in beta stage.

Introducing the official EULA

I have changed the subscription policy which is now named End-User License Agreement. You can read the updated terms and conditions here.

Enjoy and report issues

The theme is in beta testing. Some things may look weird or wrongly positioned. Please report any issues you encounter and provide feedbacks either here or in the appropriate forum. Thank you!
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