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Update attachment

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I update attachment (aid1) which was purchased by 1 member.
That user able to download updated already purchased attachment (aid1).

Before updating attachment(aid1), download count was 1 BUT after updating aid1, new updated attachment (aid1) show download count 0.
If download count remain whatever before update of attachment than it will be very helpful for other members to purchase that attachment by VIEWING its no. of download ( it indirectly tell user about no. of purchases for that attachment.). As suppose one attachment have download no. is 50 than other members will make more trust over attachment. So if I update that attachment which has download no. are 50 , It should remain 50 BUT AT PRESENT it becomes 0.

So my point is that there SHOULD NOT be changing of Downloads No. after updation of that attachment for even multiple times. That attachment download count must be increased if any purchase even after updation multiple times.

Hope you get my point.
Thank you.
Dr.Jeet 19 Jun
Look into this issue whenever you get time.
Thank you.
Dr.Jeet 26 Jun
One more issue:
I can not revert back attachment cost to 0 after kept some $ (e.g. 1.99$).
I tried by click radio button of update and change price from 1.99 to 0 but after update it remain as before (1.99$).
Please look into this matter when you get time.

Thank you.