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Unable to enable platforms: MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error

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Hi all!

I installed Flyover today and I am unable to enable any platform trough the Flyover settings. Every time I enable an integration for any platform and fill out all of the correct details, hit save MyBB responds by giving an error: MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue. https://i.imgur.com/6Ee6ydV.png

Every time I try to safe the enable an integration and hit save MyBB gives me the error. I am able to change other settings (in the normal Mybb configration) so that doesn't seem to be the problem.

Short example video: https://videobin.org/+15h2/1bga.html (I am not entering the details required here, but regardless of whether I do or not it gives me the error)

I am meeting all of the minimum requirements listed in the Flyover thread. I am running MyBB 1.8.22.

Perhaps it has something to do with the new MyBB version?

Thanks in advance!
Shade 10 Jan
Odd. Version 2.2 has been extensively tested. I will look again for obvious bugs, but that error is somewhat uninformative so I’d need the error.log output to know more.
Hugo 10 Jan
Sorry! I had error logging disabled, this is the error I am getting when enabled. Here's a new screenshot of a more detailed error: https://i.imgur.com/ojERwSA.png

I am unable to copy paste the error here as I get the error message (ironic isn't it?)

Error: There was an error posting your reply: The message you entered contained 22 images, while only 10 images per message are allowed. Please lower the image count in your message to meet the limit.

Thanks for your quick reply!
Shade 10 Jan
For a reason still unknown to me, my host is somehow reverting packages I upload on the site from time to time; the current version was repackaged immediately after the release to cover up this little issue but somehow it reverted back to the original 2.2 version. I have yet again repackaged Flyover and I will keep an eye on it to see what's wrong on my hosting.

Anyway, you will need to add a column to the database. Run the following query in phpMyAdmin:

ALTER TABLE mybb_flyover_settings ADD customfields TEXT after `settings`
Hugo 11 Jan Edited
Hi! After running this query Flyover works like a charm, thanks a lot! The support has been great here.