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two issues with beta 6

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I finally got around to setting up and using beta 6 on a non-profit forum I'm helping out with and noticed 2 issues:

1- when paypal opens its window to go through the payment and what not, if you close said window, this never goes away on the forum side:

[Image: qRJJnet.jpg]

2- if you view a subscription you set up in the admin cp and try to change & save the 'expiry usergroup', it does not save. for example, on the site in question, it's currently set to registered. if I change it to 'inherit user's primary usergroup' and hit save, it goes back to registered.
Shade 17 Jun
Hi, sorry for the huge delay. Would you mind adding some context over the first issue? It should close automatically, unless errors are fired in your browser console. Can you please tell me which browser are you using if you can still replicate it?

As for the second one, it's confirmed and it's going to be fixed in beta 7.