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There was an error applying core edits.

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Here I am once.. Again..!

I just installed the latest Symposium version on MyBB (1.8.22), whenever click "apply core edits" I get the error: there was an error applying core edits.

Edit: I have the same problem with Bankpipe, I think it's unnecessary to post a duplicate of this post there.

[Image: RlFsOBP.png]

I have not yet done the PM conversion but I don't see why this would be a problem.

[Image: 9649s4f.png]

I have my files ch-modded to: https://docs.mybb.com/1.8/administration...rmissions/

This is probably an issue with permissions, so I'd like to know what files I have to chmod to the proper permission so Symposium can apply the core edits.

Thanks in advance!
Hugo 12 Jan
Solved! I chmodded some directories and eventually it worked! I am not sure what folder(s) I chmodded that allowed me to apply core edits, but it worked. Perhaps @Shade can still provide the directories and files that need to have proper chmod's in order to allow for core edits so anyone else with the problem has the solution.
.spm 26 May
if a reply is still required,
look for below code segment in the plugin file
that consists of file name to be edited
there can be multiple files to be edited & CHMOD 666 would be required
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