The start of a new journey

3 Jul 2020
Hi all,
I shall apologize for my absence in the past 2 weeks. I was completely absorbed by my graduation, which happened today, and could not think about anything else.

I am throwing and attending several parties during the weekend, so I will not be available until Monday 6 July: I will read all the messages and support requests thereafter. I kindly ask you to be a little bit more patient.

Thank you again for your economical support through the years. I owe all of you part of today’s achievement.

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Dr.Jeet 4 Jul 2020
Great....Hope your exam going well.
Jopie 9 Jul 2020
Have fun enjoy and please also don't forget that people depend on you. Maybe make a list of problems which are first priority cause of the impact? And try to help them first?
Shade 9 Jul 2020
Yes, unfortunately I am still overloaded with things to do. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. I am projected to have a lot of spare time from this Sunday.
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Jopie 13 Jul 2020
Good Luck Shade!