The mighty return: ThunderBoard is back!

5 Nov 2018
I am extremely pleased to announce that ThunderBoard beta 6 is back on MyBBoost! A renewed and more powerful version has been installed, hopefully stable enough to be released to the public in a reasonable amount of time. The following improvements have been applied:
minified resources, lazy loading for images and asynchronous scripts loading have all been discontinued due to extreme instability and code complexity
pjax has been replaced by the well-maintained TurboLinks with performance benefits as well as more stability
added CSS animations support for page changes

At the same time, Flyover 2.4 has also received an important update and it will be tested alongside ThunderBoard. Flyover now sports an OOP code structure which will allow me to better maintain updates, HybridAuth 3.0 (the new rewritten and more stable version), and a new control panel interface designed specifically for MyBBoost. You can access your panel here.

The respective releases (version 2.0 and beta 6) will be ready once enough feedbacks will be collected.
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Eldenroot 9 Nov 2018
Good job @Shade