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The 2017 final salute
Hi everyone, this has been a wonderful year for me personally and also for MyBB. We are heading towards a more modern version with lots of improvements and as a Team member I will do my best to contribute building it, while helping maintainers bringing the best out of their boards by deploying even more awesome plugins.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me by either donating or buying a lifetime premium subscription. I am a med student and even the lowest amount of money helps me getting through this tremendously difficult path I'm currently walking on. I've got a total of 32 subscriptions and 2 donations in 2017, with a net income of 482,93 €. I've managed to buy 3 books and pay a month of rent! Yay Thank you SmartialArtist, Smallo, Glaumy, Pololoko 125, CarstenGG, McGough, alec_hs, Sharree, KamikazeXeX ☣, Eatmylol, zyra, karim50, Sphinix, Senatu polarservers.com, Dangerous Derk Interactive, tobza, Nickon, radex, Max, Slaapkopamy, HCharles, WallBB, kacperinjo, Henrique, Qwizi, Hovatek, GXD3S, LielZ, Halcon, maxaki and chack1172!

Looking forward to 2018 with great hope and dreams. Thanks to the recent update of FASTyle 2.0, I will manage to create a new shiny theme for MyBBoost faster than ever. I had already started this summer over a concept and cannot wait to deploy it for you; it might probably mark my landing in the MyBB premium themes world, because I will use a base theme to create beautiful ones much easier than usual!

The base theme is built upon UIKit, it'll be responsive and captivating. Here are some teasers:

[Image: QP2GU12.png]

[Image: 0V1kX6B.png]

[Image: MEVHkqG.png]

I wish you a Happy New Year and happy holidays! I will be back in mid February.