The 2017 final salute

30 Dec 2017 Edited
Hi everyone, this has been a wonderful year for me personally and also for MyBB. We are heading towards a more modern version with lots of improvements and as a Team member I will do my best to contribute building it, while helping maintainers bringing the best out of their boards by deploying even more awesome plugins.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me by either donating or buying a lifetime premium subscription. I am a med student and even the lowest amount of money helps me getting through this tremendously difficult path I'm currently walking on. I've got a total of 32 subscriptions and 2 donations in 2017, with a net income of 482,93 €. I've managed to buy 3 books and pay a month of rent! :D Thank you @SmartialArtist, @Smallo, @Glaumy, @Pololoko 125, @CarstenGG, @McGough, @alec_hs, @Sharree, @KamikazeXeX ☣, @Eatmylol, @zyra, @karim50, @Sphinix, @Senatu, @Dangerous Derk Interactive, @tobza, @Nickon, @radex, @Max, @Slaapkopamy, @HCharles, @WallBB, @kacperinjo, @Henrique, @Qwizi, @Hovatek, @GXD3S, @LielZ, @Halcon, @maxaki and @chack1172!

Looking forward to 2018 with great hope and dreams. Thanks to the recent update of FASTyle 2.3, I will manage to create a new shiny theme for MyBBoost faster than ever. I had already started this summer over a concept and cannot wait to deploy it for you; it might probably mark my landing in the MyBB premium themes world, because I will use a base theme to create beautiful ones much easier than usual!

The base theme is built upon UIKit, it'll be responsive and captivating. Here are some teasers:

[Image: QP2GU12.png]

[Image: 0V1kX6B.png]

[Image: MEVHkqG.png]

I wish you a Happy New Year and happy holidays! I will be back in mid February.

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