Symposium preview

13 Oct 2019 Edited
This issue is marked as solved

Symposium is now available here: Symposium beta 3.

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zyra 13 Oct 2019

Where can I see the preview?
Shade 13 Oct 2019
The preview is available in your control panel. Just click on the mail icon in the top right corner.
fachrils 13 Oct 2019
Hi Shade,

I found bugs that sending messages didn't works as well... Proff
Shade 13 Oct 2019
Thanks, after some testing it was brought to my attention that normal users have a 20-seconds anti-flood setting, but Symposium was not able to display errors. It is now fixed.
ianChrist007 13 Oct 2019
is the plugin compatible with myalerts?
Shade 13 Oct 2019
Yes, it uses MyBB’s internal pm class, so MyAlerts is supported.
Tac 13 Oct 2019 Edited
Bro you just murdered normal Pm's. It didn't deserve this.

[Image: 0gUsdme.png]

Edit: Meme
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Shade 14 Oct 2019
[Image: 498ed76be651cffb6bb9bac6a9bb75c3.png]
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Eldenroot 14 Oct 2019
Coool, anyway what about read status? I mean display a symbol when the PM was delivered to user (read)