Suggestion - Compatibility with "login as" plugin

25 Aug 2020 Edited
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Hello, symposium is really the best plugin I ever seen for private messaging for mybb, maybe the best plugin of all plugins :) Shade you are a god of mybb plugins dev ^^
But here's my idea :
I'm using "Login as" plugin so administrators can be logged in as any user, symposium is actually still blocking the user from seing their private conversation (when being logged as another member throught the plugin), it would be nice to have some kinf of compatiblity with "login as" plugin or maybe just disable user check for administrators so only they can see any conversations ?

Thank you.
Shade 25 Aug 2020
Symposium does not act as a core replacement, rather integrates within it; as such, third party plugins should be fully compatible.

With "Login as", AFAIK, you can log in any user but can't see the user PMs for privacy and ethical reasons. The same ethics, of course, apply to Symposium, and I cannot make any exception for that.
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Aristide Chypre 28 Aug 2020
"Login as" permit admins to view any member's pm without symposium.
It's sure that it is not very ethical but I do not consider my forum as a good place for private conversation (there is much better encrypted service for this). It's just that sometimes when there's a conflict between members it is a really helpfull tool to see what they told each other (scammers hunting).
Shade 28 Aug 2020
If it’s allowed by Login as, Symposium should be compatible.
Aristide Chypre 28 Aug 2020 Edited
My bad it comes from newer version of Login as, I did use it before and wrongly thought it was symposium blocking this (did not want to deactivate to try on live board :/) sorry for the mistake.