Success Message doesn't bring me to previous page

27 Jul 2016
When i make a thread, the success message doesn't bring me to previous page.

I have to "Click here if you don't want to wait any longer"
Shade 27 Jul 2016
Thank you, I will investigate.
AfikHabaz 3 Aug 2016
Joining to this one,
the redirect doesn't work it happend to me while creating a thread
and also while changing avatar.
Shade 3 Aug 2016 Edited
Indeed, it's a bug in ThunderBoard beta 6. I will fix it in the next couple of days, however I'm on vacation at the moment so a delay it's possible. Thank you for your participation in the beta test program of the site.
WallBB 16 Sep 2017
I also see this bug on MyBBoost, hope it is fixed soon :)