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Subscription policy
This document is an attempt to clarify what you get by subscribing to MyBBoost and what can you do if you are not satisfied with the products available for subscribed users.

Available subscription plans

Currently there are 3 available subscription plans you can choose from:
  • Gold makes you eligible to download every plugin available now and in the future. Exclusives for this group are currently limited to Flyover 1.3 and Hovercards beta 1. A payment of 15€ is required to obtain such badge;
  • Silver makes you eligible to download Drafts AutoSave 1.1 and MyDropzone 1.0, plus every plugin available for lower plans. A payment of 7€ is required to obtain such badge;
  • Bronze makes you eligible to download Change Author on Edit 1.0. A payment of 3€ is required to obtain such badge.

Every badge has a lifetime duration and any amount you devolve is spent as follows:
  • 17.1% on MyBBoost domain and server management costs;
  • 80% on a book for my studies;
  • 2.9% + 0.30€ fee per transaction retained by PayPal.


When you download a product from MyBBoost for which you have premium access, you are limited to install the product only on boards you directly manage. There are not limitations for the number of boards on which you can use the products, but redistributing such products for free or to other customers is prohibited. If you are caught in such despicable activity, you will lose any right to access MyBBoost forever.


If you are not satisfied with the available products you made a payment for, you can ask for a refund within 30 days from the payment by issuing a private message to Shade. Motivations are not needed, but they are always appreciated. Please be as honest as I am when asking for a refund: since I am not running any license manager, you can potentially keep on using my products despite not paying for it. I am a med student and this money is as important to me as a salary for a factory worker. Thank you.

Upgrading to an higher donation badge

If you want to upgrade to an higher donation badge, you can without donating the whole quota. However, since the system cannot currently subtract the payment you have already made from the new amount due, you must issue a private message to Shade asking to upgrade to an higher plan manually.

This document was last modified 4 February 2018, 13:47 GMT+0.