subscribe users bug - duplicating entries

27 Dec 2019
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I'm hitting a bug when I manually subscribe a's duplicating the entries in payment history. I wasn't sure if it was already fixed or not in beta 9 so I upgraded bankpipe from beta 7 to beta 9 on my forum and tried it's still there.

I first came across this when I had a recent user message me about paying up front for 5 years rather than paying every year. at the time, I only had the 1-year subscription set up, so I manually subscribed him to the yearly fee subscription. when he saw his purchase in his usercp, it threw him off. shortly after, I created a 3-year & 5-year subscription, revoked the previous subscription I manually entered for him and redid it in the new 5-year subscription so it was reflected accurately to him in his list of purchases.

when looking at the payment history, it's duplicating the one point, it duplicated the entry but it did it for 2 different usernames, as I'll show in screenshots below..

also to note, when you revoke a user, it doesn't seem to be following the rules of the subscription that they were in previously before being revoked. by that I mean it keeps them in the promoted user group rather than the expiry user least I think that's how it should work..
Shade 28 Dec 2019
I am investigating this, but seems like I cannot reproduce the bug. Mind to try again with a bummer account and see if it was just an isolated case?
andrewjs18 29 Dec 2019
I did some testing with this and was able to figure out how to duplicate this bug - at least on my forum.

if you manually subscribe a user to a user group that they're not already a part of, it doesn't seem to duplicate the payment history entry, but it does seem to be an issue if you revoke their subscription and then reapply the subscription again with the same settings. it seems to me that the revoke feature might need some tweaking.

what rules are followed when a payment is revoked? to me, it seems like if an expiry user group is set for a subscription, then if a payment is revoked for a user in said subscription, it should follow the expiry settings.

I'm not exactly sure how I managed to get it to subscribe a user who was not selected before in my OP, though maybe I did add that user by mistake and didn't notice.... :/
Shade 6 Jan 2020
I cannot reproduce this one still.
andrewjs18 6 Jan 2020
I cannot reproduce this one still.
Shade (6 Jan 2020)
is there code in a template that might be causing this? perhaps it's just something on my board..
andrewjs18 30 Jun 2020
bumping this as it's still an issue. just upgraded from beta 9 to beta 10 and it placed 2 users in a 3-year subscription on its own. I revoked both of those. when I went to resubscribe a user to the 1-year subscription, which is where his account should of been, it the duplicated it again....quite annoying.
Shade 6 Aug 2020 Edited
I am in the process of releasing beta 11, will take some days to live test. The new version sports a revamped subscribe users process, I believe I couldn't reproduce this as I have inadvertently fixed the issue while recoding the page. Let me know if you are available for some tests on your side.
andrewjs18 10 Aug 2020 Edited
I didn't notice any new duplication bugs when upgrading from beta 10 to beta 11, but it does list some coinbase payments in my payment history when I don't even use coinbase whatsoever... I sent you a screenshot on discord.