18 Sep 2019 #1

Subcriptions Problem

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Hello my customers has found a problem when they want renew their subcription, bakpipe says the already has that plan and the customers can't buy... (i mean when the sub expires bankpipe says already has it)
Shade 18 Sep 2019
Subscriptions expire using the tasks system. Is it working properly? Check the tasks logs.
Fanatica Greats 18 Sep 2019 Edited
[Image: dXJwsJs.png]

Im sure is the "no name" task on the log

if i run it manually or not the problem still xD
Shade 18 Sep 2019
Are users reverted to their previous usergroup?
Fanatica Greats 18 Sep 2019
Sometimes no and other times yes
Shade 18 Sep 2019
Let me get it clear, either it does revert usergroups or it doesn’t. No way it works just sometimes. I will have a look at expiring subscriptions for obvious issues (it’s a feature I don’t personally use so it might be broken somehow), but it’s highly likely I will have to kindly ask you for a temporary server access in the near future.
Fanatica Greats 18 Sep 2019
I understand but im explaining my issue if you want i can give you administrador access to my server now
Shade 18 Sep 2019
Sorry I am not available at the moment.
Fanatica Greats 18 Sep 2019
okay let me know and when you want send me a dm and ill give you the access. thanks
Shade 20 Sep 2019
After a short debugging session I could narrow the issue down to the following: manually subscribed users were assigned a wrong expiry date, which @Fanatica Greats couldn't notice. This is due to BankPipe's datepicker which works with the dd-mm-yyyy format, while her board was using mm-dd-yyyy format, hence the confusion. Applying the dd-mm-yyyy format fixed the issue with new manual subscriptions temporarily.

Beta 8 will adapt the datepicker's date format to the board's one.

Note that automatic payments are not affected.
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