Solved | Error 500 when converting pms (updating from 2 to 3)

8 Sep 2020
This issue is marked as solved
I followed the update instructions, conversion failed at 50-60% with error 500

30000pms to convert in total
12500pms to convert after first fail
Error= Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()

11200pms after second fail
Error= jquery.js?ver=1823:2 POST 500
After that it keeps failing really often (but I can refresh & start conversion to continue, converting between 10 and 500pms then fail).

Seems to work when increasing Maximum PHP script run time (don't know why first time was working without changing this o.O)
By the way ETA is high (>1000minutes) compared to real conversion time.

Anyway I'm glad to see this update :D
Shade 8 Sep 2020
Thank you for reporting this. Slow server responses might indeed block the script.

Since the conversion is stepwise, it should be ok to resume it if it fails mid-through. A good thing about Symposium is that you can uninstall it and go back to normal PMs at anytime, and back again to conversations by using the converter. So, if you experience odd behaviors in existing messages (eg.: last messages missing from conversations list), I'd suggest you to run the conversion again from scratch (uninstall, reinstall and convert).