29 Oct 2019 #1

Several questions on new install

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I just installed Bankpipe on my forum but I have a couple questions:

1> I found out that the discount feature is not displaying correctly on the cart page but will work on the final cost...just to make sure I am doing it right, what is the proper format to enter the percentage in the settings? Say I want to take 25% off, should I enter 25%, .75, 75 with no decimal or what?

2> Is there any way to link the Bankpipe page to a link in the menu? I'd like to have a link in my nav menu "Become a VIP Member!" so a user could click it and go to the page with the different package offerings.

I'm sure I will have more questions but thats it for now!
Shade 29 Oct 2019
1. Just enter the number. It will be calculated as a percentage. It's not displayed and this is a bug, but it's applied correctly upon checking out on either PayPal or Coinbase.

2. You can add a link pointing to bankpipe.php. The markup would be:

<a href="bankpipe.php">Become a VIP Member!</a>
You can place it in your header template or wherever you find it most appropriate. Note that the upcoming beta 8 will feature a standalone page so even guests will be able to see the upgrade page (but not finalize as guests of course). You will be required to change the link in the future.
RocketFoot 29 Oct 2019
Sounds GREAT! Any idea on Beta 8 ETA? I'm already looking forward to it!

Thanks for the prompt replies!
Shade 29 Oct 2019
I am not a fan of ETAs as I am a student and got many things to do. Developing is something I do in my spare time whenever I can. I've been working on beta 8 for some time now, Symposium drifted me temporarily away, but I will be back on it soon. You can follow its development here: BankPipe development.
RocketFoot 29 Oct 2019
Sounds good! Looking forward to it!

I'll be trying out Symposium on my forum soon!

RocketFoot 29 Oct 2019
Is this normal after moving members over to payment history? None of the purchased packages show on the chart.
Shade 29 Oct 2019
This might be a bug. Did you use the manual subscriptions tool?
RocketFoot 29 Oct 2019
I used the SUBSCRIBE USERS tab.
Shade 29 Oct 2019
It should show the subscription's name and its value (if the subscription is still available). I'll check the logic there.
RocketFoot 23 Nov 2019
Just wondering if the discount amount listing has been fixed with Beta 8? I am still not able to see any discounts except for coupon codes. Maybe I am entering the discount amount wrong in the package options?

Also, is there anyway to import all the "Items Purchased" descriptions into the Payment history page after I manually added them? (discussed above^)