25 Nov 2019 #1


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I just upgraded to 1.2, checked the settings and it says 3 settings for MyDropzone but when I open the settings there is only 2. Is this correct or is something wrong? Also, I tested by editing an old post and the image did not upload as expected.
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RocketFoot 25 Nov 2019
No errors show...While uploading, it does show insert below and I get a green checkmark when done, but it wont show in the post.
Shade 25 Nov 2019
Weird. Well this might be a MyBB bug as for all other types of errors (eg: exceeding max size) an error is shown.
Shade 25 Nov 2019
I’ll check it out in the evening.
RocketFoot 25 Nov 2019 Edited
OK Shade...Thanks! Leave it to me, if there are any bugs anywhere...I have a knack for finding them, LOL!