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I just upgraded to 1.2, checked the settings and it says 3 settings for MyDropzone but when I open the settings there is only 2. Is this correct or is something wrong? Also, I tested by editing an old post and the image did not upload as expected.
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Shade 25 Nov 2019
The third setting (Imgur API key) is hidden if you do not use Imgur.

Did you update your templates? New changes are critical.
RocketFoot 25 Nov 2019
I just read that and I am unfamiliar with updating templates? How do I update templates?
Shade 25 Nov 2019
Well, MyDropzone doesn't update like other plugins of mine, so you had to uninstall the plugin before upgrading. If you have uninstalled it before upgrading, you have fresh templates and you don't need to update them. If this is the case, please provide a board URL so I can debug eventual issues.
RocketFoot 25 Nov 2019
Yes, I did uninstall first, uploaded new files and then activated the plugin.


test user:
Shade 25 Nov 2019
From what I can see it works just fine. Do you have any further insight?
RocketFoot 25 Nov 2019
Here is a photo I was trying to upload but the insert link is not underneath i t and it wont show in the post after I try to upload.
Shade 25 Nov 2019
It might be too heavy for its filetype. How many mb is it? And how many mb do you have for that filetype?
RocketFoot 25 Nov 2019 Edited
The photo is 4.7mb and my file type is set to allow 10mb. This test is on my unlimited Admin account.

ETA: it does seem to be size related as I was able to upload a smaller image.
Shade 25 Nov 2019
It should display an error anyway when you hover on the image.