Scrubber-bar not scrolling automaticly

20 Oct 2019
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Really cool plugin but for some reason on custome theme (Dark emerald) the Scrubber-bar stays at "1", I can click on it and move it to a specific number, the page will scroll to the thread but everything stays on top, thread is at the top of the page, scrubber bar comes back to top at 1 position.
It's working on default mybb theme but I cannot find what is causing that. Any idea ?
Thanks for the help.
Shade 20 Oct 2019
Mind giving me your board URL? This sounds like a JS conflict with a custom theme, and the only way I can debug it is to have a direct look using the browser console. Thank you.
Aristide Chypre 20 Oct 2019 Edited
Currently doing localhost only, I can try to put it online so you can have a look, But there's no console errors and I've tried to remove every custom headerinclude / footer script from the theme but it doesn't look like changing anything.
Any idea maybe to debug this by adding some console output on endless.js ?

My bad it's not an error but a warning and it was hidden .. x)

On custom theme and mybb both have :
Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking 'touchstart' event. Consider marking event handler as 'passive' to make the page more responsive.

But MyBB theme (working one) is having
[Violation] 'requestAnimationFrame' handler took 71ms
[Violation] 'setTimeout' handler took 57ms

When custom theme doesn't have those warnings.
Shade 20 Oct 2019
I'd add several breakpoints, but I can't really explain you how to as it's too advanced and I'd spend more explaining than actually doing. So I will install Dark emerald on localhost, debug there and get back at you ASAP, possibly this evening (11 am right now here).
Shade 20 Oct 2019
Warnings do not block functions execution, so I'd say something is missing from the theme. I'll have a look later.
Aristide Chypre 20 Oct 2019 Edited
Ok thank you for this really fast answer, yea I understand that it's impossible to explain everything, just asking in case of a "simple" way to debug it on server side we never know.

It also looks like dark emerald need some fixes and is not really up to date for 1.8.21, I'll try to contact the theme author.
Shade 20 Oct 2019
The problem lies in the theme's structure, which is faulty.

div#header embraces the whole page instead of the actual header. Open the header template, find and delete:

<div id="header">
Then find:

<div class="haut" style="height:70px">
And add id="header" onto it. That will fix the issue.
Aristide Chypre 20 Oct 2019
Thanks a lot much appreciated having that fast support :) everything works great !