19 May Edited #1

Remove paid attachments

Ultimate subscriber
How to remove the ability for a user to set a price on attachments?

Also anyway to change prices to USD?
KingAlmond 19 May

I am trying to test the sandbox stuff but when i put the credentials in to login with papal from the website, it says the info is wrong when it is right.

For the future, to use Bankpipe, you need to have a business paypal account I assume right?
Shade 19 May
1) to restrict who can use the paid attachments feature, go to BankPipe settings and set the "Usergroups allowed to manage" setting to whatever usergroups you want to manage paid attachments

2) to change the currency, go to BankPipe settings and change the "Currency" setting

3) if it tells you that credentials are wrong you might have entered, well, the wrong credentials. Please screenshot both BankPipe configuration and your PayPal sandbox credentials on PayPal developer site

4) no, a business account is not needed
KingAlmond 19 May
Got it, is it ok if i send u the screenshot on discord due to it having tokens etc?
Shade 19 May
@KingAlmond was using his standard credentials to try buying into Sandbox mode. This is not permitted by PayPal, as he has to use a sandbox buyer account specifically designed for sandbox mode.

On a side note, what I said earlier was incorrect: PayPal forces you to have a business account to accept payments.