Remove decimals from newpoints + add extra option?

6 Aug 2019
This issue is marked as solved
Hey there, so 2 things with this plugin (Just installed it, so far its awesome. Was looking for this since I saw it on IPB site and I said wait.. mybboost has something similar, right?)

1) Newpoints = Remove decimal option. Even if this setting is off in newpoints plugin settings, it will show in the hovercards
2) ezTrader = Add functionality with ezTrader plugin please

Other side notes: This doesn't seem to function properly with Online Today plugin installed (hovercard does not hover over the usernames). Along with that, you also can't use regular mybb variables (I was trying to add an a href tag to reputation page, which would require {$memprofile['uid']} variable, but it does not allow it.

Overall, awesome plugin. I read that it isn't really being developed anymore, which I can understand why, but I just wanted to leave these suggestions here in case you find some extra time aside from BankPipe development (which seems to be very hot now :) )

Thanks for these great plugins. Well worth the upgrade!
Shade 6 Aug 2019
Third party plugins should be supported as long as they use MyBB's internal function build_profile_link(), which is the one you must edit manually with the data-uid attribute, as explained in the release thread. I don't know about Online Today, but if it doesn't, you have to edit the plugin and add the data-uid attribute where it displays usernames.

As for the other questions, Hovercards just pulls the data from the _users table as plain text. No variables are available in Hovercards' templates aside from the one you specify in its settings (notice they don't have an "$" prefix: in fact, they are not variables, they are just markers which are replaced with a simple str_replace()). Some global variables may work (you have to reference them using the $GLOBALS array), but the plugin is meant to work on the entire board, so including specific variables which appear in a few pages is not recommended as their content will be blank in all others. I won't add extra functionalities to support specific data from specific plugins. What I can do though – if I haven't already – is to add hooks support so you can extend the plugin as you may like, introducing features otherwise not available in the stock plugin.