Serpius 11 Aug 2018
As shown in this screenshot...

I am using PHP 7.1.20
Shade 11 Aug 2018
Ah, I see. You may try applying the solution provided in this post. I may update Whisper in the near future, it doesn't get one since ages.
Karol Chmielewski 20 Sep 2018
yea only what changed is here white area and text - analitycs
Shade 20 Sep 2018 Edited
Are you sure you have uploaded all the files? Seems like something is missing there.
xLfat | 14 Dec 2018
This didn't work for me
Shade 14 Dec 2018
What didn't work?
Filipowicz251 21 Dec 2018
Hello Shade

Very good work!

I have two issues (mentioned here almost a year ago) The login page is not styled (because of the myBB framework change in ACP module) and it is not working with FAStyle plugin.

One year ago you wrote, that you are going to fix those two issues. Is there any newer version, than 1.0.1 ?

Best regards
Shade 22 Dec 2018
Hi, unfortunately I have moved to another country and many things changed in my life which prevented me to get over those issues. Don’t expect a fix too soon.
Waterfall 11 May
Hi Shade. This the most beautiful ACP theme I've ever seen except for the white void on the log-in screen.

Is there an update on when you might release a fix for that? That is all I am hoping for at the minimum.
Shade 11 May
Hi, thanks. Unfortunately the way MyBB is designed at the moment allows very little manoveurs on my side.