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MyFacebook Connect 3.4

Shade Administrator 3 Aug 2018

MyFacebook Connect 3.4 is out

This is a bugfix, update and feature release. The following issues have been addressed:
This release includes a new option which lets you choose whether to apply the usergroup change also to existing users' additional groups or not. It has been requested by Eldenroot.

Additionally, this release updates Facebook's SDK to the latest available version (5.6.0 -> 5.6.3); it also features a new default graph API version (2.8 -> 2.12), a change which does not affect MFC's functionalities.

Download the new version in the first post.

How to update

Unzip the package and replace the old files with the new ones. You will be asked to run the upgrade script which will update settings and database fields accordingly.
Sanel Kapetanović Social user 2 Feb Edited
Well..there is issue with scope selection,you can select one or both(location and birthday) but you can't unselect both...these scopes are not required and without both there is no need for app review...so you should add an option to unselect both...I will edit this by myself since I don't want to deal with facebook developers if not really had to...

I have to correct myself,there is option to unselect both..just have to do it on keyboard ..if remeber ctrl+space
Shade Administrator 3 Feb
Yes, you can unselect both by pressing different kind of combos depending on the OS you are on. These scopes will be removed in the next update anyway, but can be easily be excluded using the scopes setting.
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