Shade 24 Sep 2017
Hi, use the latest version from GitHub which solves the issue thanks to Error 191 "can't load URL" using facebook login app.
zyra 24 Sep 2017
It still gives me the same error message, after downloading from the github repository and replacing all containing files with the ones in my ftp folder
zyra 25 Sep 2017
I thought I answered you, but I can't see my last message anymore...
The github version doesn't work neither for me... any ideas on how I might fix this issue ?
Shade 25 Sep 2017
Do you have a test board where I can see it in action?
zyra 25 Sep 2017
If you mean my actual board:
Shade 18 Jun 2018

MyFacebook Connect 3.3 is out

This is a bugfix and feature release. Minor issues have been addressed, including:
A new feature has been added which lets you opt out from Facebook scopes (currently: user_location and user_birthday) if you don't want to use them. This has been asked by @Swardu here.

Download the new version in the first post.

How to update

Unzip the package and replace the old files with the new ones. You will be asked to run the upgrade script which will update settings and database fields accordingly.
Wanilton 19 Jun 2018 Edited
I have error
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in /home/wanilton/public_html/inc/plugins/MyFacebookConnect/class_facebook.php on line 109
php 5.6.31
mybb version 1.8.15
How I solve this.

Shade 19 Jun 2018
Don't know why, but sometimes my editor adds corrupted chars which look exactly like normal ones. I have updated the packages accordingly, please report any other issues.
Shade 24 Jul 2018
MyFacebook Connect 3.4 release candidate:

Please test it for any obvious issue you can find; the official release is scheduled on Friday 27.7.2018 if no issues are reported.
Rich Conley 24 Jul 2018
Cheers! Enjoy the coffee. I got your plugin to work the second time I tried it. It's easy to get lost in the Facebook requirements but the trick is to stick closely to the plugin's instructions. Thanks for the work.