zyra 6 Sep 2017
I'll give it a try right away !
Shade 6 Sep 2017
As a premium subscriber, you have access to Flyover 2.2 which is superior to MyFacebook Connect.
zyra 6 Sep 2017
Hi Shade! ... how do I make the change to fly-over 1.2 without messing up the current registrations/ logins thru Facebook Sith Myfacebook Connect
Shade 6 Sep 2017
This is not currently possible without expert knowledge. Flyover 1.3 will feature a migrator.
zyra 8 Sep 2017
Aha ok, I'll stick to myfb connect 3-2 untill the realese of flyover 1.3.
Another little remark .. I updated to the newest flyover version but it seems that the avatars are still loading over the http protocol instead of the https prot.
Am I missing the switch of a button in my admin cp or did I screw up while installing ?
Shade 8 Sep 2017
https for avatars will be supported in 1.3.
zyra 8 Sep 2017 Edited
Okido.. in the meanwhile I just changed them al to https directly into the sql database
bijumk 18 Sep 2017
Hi where can I get the instructions to upgrade facebook connect 3.1 to 3.2 ?

Shade 18 Sep 2017
You just need to upload and overwrite the old files with the new ones. You will be then asked to run an upgrade script.
zyra 24 Sep 2017 Edited
The following error message appears when trying to log in with facebook:

The following error occurred trying to accomplish your request:
Cross-site request forgery validation failed. Required param "state" missing from persistent data.

Get in touch with an administrator as soon as possible.