Shade 30 Apr 2017
Flyover lets you set up multiple social networks, including Facebook, and has some exclusive options. However, if you already have many users using MFC, it's best to wait for Flyover 1.3 which will feature a migrator from MFC and other plugins.
zyra 30 Apr 2017
Thx for the advice..
What are the exclusive options you're talking about.. cause I can't seem to figure it out
Shade 30 Apr 2017
Emailless and passwordless registrations, a bit more customizations and better performances, other than multiple providers support which is the main feature of Flyover.
zyra 30 Apr 2017
Sounds interesting ... emailless and passwordless how do I need to interpret that?
- Do they still appear as registered users on the forum?
- Is the e-mail adress of users registering that way still written in the db?
Shade 30 Apr 2017
Users are registered as usual, but without an email and a password associated.
zyra 30 Apr 2017
Damn that's interesting, when will the update be there?, can't wait to make the transition to this awesomeness :)
Shade 30 Apr 2017
When it's ready :) No ETAs, sorry.
zyra 1 May 2017 Edited
Take you're time m8 ! quality over speed ;)
Shade 28 Jul 2017 Edited

MyFacebook Connect 3.2 is out

This is a bugfix and feature release.


Facebook's SDK has been updated to the newest available (released: 23/7/2017), which is faster and more stable than the previous one used by MyFacebook Connect.

Minor bugfixes

Minor issues have been addressed, including:
  • avatars are now served as secure content (with https);
  • all templates are now cached before requesting them;
  • settings are updated correctly when updating from 1.x-2.x.

How to update

Unzip the package and replace the old files with the new ones. Running the upgrade script is not required if you are on 3.0 or 3.1, otherwise you'll be asked to execute it.
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Eldenroot 29 Jul 2017
Thank you, updated! Welcome back mate!