Shade 9 Apr 2017
I will check this as soon as possible. Sorry for any incovenience.
Shade 10 Apr 2017
I have pushed a new commit on GitHub with a proper fix for this. I have briefly tested it and it should work. Note that version 3.2 is still in development. If you want to apply the fix, download the patched version from GH, upload and overwrite all the files and test.
pctehno 17 Apr 2017 Edited
Thanks for the help, that fix my problem.
Well not full. It depends on what page you register sometimes it redirect good sometimes it redirect to some attachment file??!!
JokersXS 17 Apr 2017
It doesn't fix my problem
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Shade 28 Apr 2017
I have drafted a 3.2 pre-release which solves a bunch of minor issues. It also features the latest SDK which is known to solve some issues on Facebook's side as well. Would all of you mind to check it out and test it? Overwrite the old files to update. The upgrade script is not required. Thank you!
zyra 28 Apr 2017
I didn't had any issues with 3.1...
What where the known issues which I might stumble on?
Shade 28 Apr 2017
You can see the changelog on GitHub by clicking on the link above. However, since you are a premium member, Flyover 2.2 might suit you better than MyFacebook Connect.
Eldenroot 29 Apr 2017
Latest GitHub version works fine, thank you!

P.S. Any plans to release a new version of MyGoogle Connect?
Shade 29 Apr 2017 Edited
There are no plans on a new version of MGC at the moment.
zyra 30 Apr 2017
Should I switch from myfb connect to flyover? What would the benefits bee ? and isn't it to hard to make it work all again?