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MyFacebook Connect 3.4

pctehno Regular user 15 Mar 2017
I install plugin and it works but...
I have two problems.

1. After registered over facebook and change settings username and what to sync (single click disabled) it say success but redirect to Facebook page not to my forum page.

2. It only sync sex and avatar nothing else( like birthday and bio)
My forum page http://www.forum.pctehno.com
Shade Administrator 15 Mar 2017
Birthday and bio might need approval by Facebook before becoming available. Read the docs: How to install.

If it redirects to Facebook, there might be a problem with the configuration of your application. I am not home at the moment, so I will look into the issue when I'll be back.
pctehno Regular user 17 Mar 2017 Edited
You are right for approval need to check permissionss.
But redirect is problem
In settings on facebook app i have product "Facebook login" and in there "Valid OAuth redirect URIs" i need to fill that, maybe that is problem.
Shade Administrator 19 Mar 2017 Edited
I can't provide any solutions if you don't provide informations about the issue. I already told you that the issue might be a misconfiguration in your FB application, but you still have not provided any screenshot.
pctehno Regular user 20 Mar 2017 Edited
I have all permissions from Facebook.
Login works but redirect only is problem. Nothing in app can be problem except like i said in "Valid OAuth redirect URIs".
[Image: UELaTEK.jpg]

[Image: 4DGAfCN.jpg]
jaf2212 Regular user 24 Mar 2017
Thanks for this Emoji Smiley-02

One question, I don't want to sync bio, how do I remove this from the requested data
Shade Administrator 24 Mar 2017 Edited
You can disable it from MFC's settings in your admin control panel.

pctehno: the valid OAuth redirect URL field must not be empty in order to redirect back to your site, as well documented in the docs.
pctehno Regular user 24 Mar 2017
I know that, but every link i put it still ends on facebook page not on my site
Shade Administrator 24 Mar 2017
Please provide your forum URL so I can test it directly.
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