SZyMeX PL 29 Jul Edited
Hi everyone,
I have the same problem as Gangst3r

Uncaught Error: No URL provided.
    at new b (dropzone.js?v=1.1:1)
    at dropzone.js?v=1.1:2
    at (dropzone.js?v=1.1:2)
    at Dropzone._autoDiscoverFunction (dropzone.js?v=1.1:2)
    at HTMLDocument.d (dropzone.js?v=1.1:2)
b @ dropzone.js?v=1.1:1
(anonymous) @ dropzone.js?v=1.1:2 @ dropzone.js?v=1.1:2
Dropzone._autoDiscoverFunction @ dropzone.js?v=1.1:2
d @ dropzone.js?v=1.1:2
jquery.js?ver=1813:formatted:1485 Uncaught Error: Dropzone already attached.
    at new b (dropzone.js?v=1.1:1)
    at Object.init (rules.js?v=1.1:116)
    at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (newreply.php:642)
    at l (jquery.js?ver=1813:formatted:1403)
    at c (jquery.js?ver=1813:formatted:1414)
Has it been fixed? I have MyBB 1.8.21
Shade 29 Jul
Hi, this is not fixed yet. I have planned to do a major rework of MyDropzone after BankPipe beta 7 and Flyover 2.1 are out, in some weeks.
Shade 31 Jul

MyDropzone 1.1 has been repackaged

MyDropzone has been repackaged and it's now working on newer MyBB versions (up to the latest, 1.8.21). The previous release was reported to be faulty on MyBB 1.8.20+, thus why the plugin has been repackaged with an updated version which makes it compatible with jQuery 3.

The plugin's version has not been changed. A new version is planned in the near future which will add functionalities.

If you have MyDropzone 1.1 currently installed on your board:
KEYCAP 1 uninstall MyDropzone 1.1. If you have a custom style, save your templates beforehand
KEYCAP 2 delete jscripts/rules.js and jscripts/dropzone.js
KEYCAP 3 upload the new version
KEYCAP 4 install and activate from the Plugins panel.

If you do not have MyDropzone 1.1 installed, you can skip the first two steps.
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Shade 23 Nov Edited


MyDropzone 1.2 is now available. Changelog:

SQUARED NEW added an "Insert into post" button which makes it easy to include any attachment into the current post
SQUARED NEW the "remove" button has been moved to a handy cross icon in the top left corner of each attachment
SQUARED NEW uploaded attachments will show the thumbnail if available
BUG fixed an issue with the usage quota being messed up if switching from KB to MB

To upgrade:
KEYCAP 1 uninstall MyDropzone. If you have a custom style, save your templates and stylesheet beforehand
KEYCAP 2 upload the new version and replace the old files
KEYCAP 3 install and activate MyDropzone from the Plugins panel

Note that templates must be updated in order to let the new version work.