Moderation Alerts Pack 4.0.2

7 Oct 2016 Edited
Moderation Alerts Pack is a pack of 25 extra alert types built for MyAlerts. It extends the plugin's default 5 alert types to cover a whopping 25 extra moderation actions, notifying your users if their threads and/or posts are moved, edited, (soft) deleted, restored, merged and much more.


Moderation Alerts Pack extends MyAlerts letting your users be notified when you:
  • issue a warning;
  • revoke a warning;
  • delete threads;
  • close threads;
  • open threads;
  • move threads;
  • approve threads;
  • unapprove threads;
  • soft delete threads;
  • restore threads;
  • stick threads;
  • unstick threads;
  • merge threads*;
  • edit a post;
  • delete posts permanently*;
  • soft delete posts*;
  • restore posts*;
  • suspend an user from posting;
  • moderate an user posting activity;
  • suspend an user's signature;
  • change an user's username;
  • change an user's signature;
  • accept a buddy request;
  • decline a buddy request;
  • remove an user from your buddylist.

Merging and splitting posts are yet to be implemented.

Minimum requirements

PHP 5.4
MyBB 1.8.0
MyAlerts 2.0.0
664 chmod permissions on inc/class_moderation.php and inc/datahandler/user.php

Moderation Alerts Pack edits the core. Every time you update your MyBB version, you will have to reinstall the plugin in order to reapply core edits and prevent errors.

PACKAGE Installation

KEYCAP 1 Click on the Install & activate button in your plugins list. Moderation Alerts Pack edits the core automatically.

Request a new alert type

You can request a new alert type which will be implemented into the next minor version of Moderation Alerts Pack by opening a new thread in this forum. Feedbacks and bug reports are also appreciated.
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EHRA 21 Mar
It would be great if we could disable some of the alerts.
Shade 21 Mar
You can already disable them, both on the ACP and UCP side.
EHRA 22 Mar
Now I found it the menu to disable alerts. Thanks for listening!
Shade 2 Apr

PUBLIC ADDRESS LOUDSPEAKER Moderation Alerts Pack 4.0.1 is out

This is a bugfix release.

BUG fixed Can't reset passwords due to fatal PHP error. Reported by @RocketFoot

Upgrading to version 4.0.1

KEYCAP 1 replace the old files with the new ones. Just the inc/plugins/modpack.php file has been altered in the process, so you can replace just that
Jopie 9 Jul
thanks a lot for this!
Shade 21 Jul

PUBLIC ADDRESS LOUDSPEAKER Moderation Alerts Pack 4.0.2 is out

This is a security release.

LOCK fixed low-priority XSS vulnerabilities which could lead to privilege escalation attacks in certain circumstances

Upgrading to version 4.0.2

KEYCAP 1 replace the old files with the new ones